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On this page you will find tips, tricks, cheats, and codes for a number of games.

PC: The Sims

Bring up the console by pressing Ctrl+shift+C Then:

klapaucius Gives you 1,000 Simoleons
water_tool Allows you to add streams and stuff
set_hour(1-24) Set time of day
move_objects(on/off) Move or delete objects
interest Reveals a Sim's interest

Autonomy(1-100), tells how much your people think on their own.
Thanks to Wicked Woods

Edit Map:
Press ctrl+shift+alt+c. Then a green bar shows up in the upper left hand corner. Then type in "edit_map" adn u can edit the map.

Home in The Clouds:
1st u put pillars on the first floor to hold up the 2nd floor.
Then u add the floor and walls. Then go back to the 1st floor and delete the pillars and u have a home in the clouds.

Unlimited Cashflow (no need 4 work hahahah)
When you are starting the game and about to build your dream house first press pause.
Then follow the steps.
1)Press ctrl+alt+shift+c You will see a small box in the top left corner.
2)Click in the box and type klapaucius and press enter.
3)Press ctrl+alt+shift+c and click in the box again.
4)Press: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fill the box up with !'s)
5)Then move the cursor in front of the first ! eg !(cursor)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
6)Simply press right arrow and ; until it looks something like this
7)Then press enter
8)Then look at cash amount
9)Proceed in spending cash amount!

Finally this process can be repeated unlimited times. Enjoy.


PC: Warcraft 2

Instant gold, lumber, and oil: Glittering Prizes